Been arrested for dui?  if I handle your case I can promise 2 things, I am really really good at what I do, and I will work hard for you.   "My name is David and when I got my 3rd DUI I hired Pat Silva to fight for me and he did! He got my 3rd DUI dropped, all I had to do was plead no contest to a few moving violations. I had a bac of .17 and he still got it dropped that's why I call him the specialist! " Judge said I was one of the bestDUI Lawyershe had seen in 30 years.


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Josh's Success story

Was charged with a first time DUI with a BAC of .08. This occured in 2010. The problem Josh had was that he never went to court on the DUI charge. He came to my office for legal help. I set out a plan of attack called a Serna Motion in which we were attacking the delayed prosecution of his case.

Result: All DUI charges dismissed