Been arrested for dui?  if I handle your case I can promise 2 things, I am really really good at what I do, and I will work hard for you.   "My name is David and when I got my 3rd DUI I hired Pat Silva to fight for me and he did! He got my 3rd DUI dropped, all I had to do was plead no contest to a few moving violations. I had a bac of .17 and he still got it dropped that's why I call him the specialist! " Judge said I was one of the bestDUI Lawyershe had seen in 30 years.


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How to shift the power from the district attorney to the defense attorney.

When you start any type of criminal case there is always an imbalance between the powers to be. On one hand you have the district attorney who start off with all the power and on the other hand you have the defense team who starts off with almost no power. Through proper planning and investigation of a criminal matter a well trained defense lawyer can shift those powers which ultimately can result in a successful resolution of your matter. In one case we had a felony matter, with a felony child endangerment charge along with reckless driving. Back when the case started we did a discovery request under penal code 1054 for specific documentation that would help our case. Six months later none of the documents, none of the videos had been produced. What we did next was filed a motion to produce also known a motion to compel under evidence code 1054. We served it upon the District Attorney and what this forced was an evidentiary hearing in front of the judge. We took it one step further, I subpoenaed the police officer who might have had all this information to be present at the hearing. At today’s hearing the officer never showed, which then allowed me to issue a bench warrant for his arrest if I so choose. And the District Attorney did not have any of the additional documents I had requested. We negotiated the matter and the end result my client had all her felony charges dismissed and she plead to a simple misdemeanor charge which will have no ramifications in her current life situations. Again there is no guarantee as to the out come of your case but this is what a well trained and well prepared criminal lawyer could achieve. 


They are not dui specialist
They do not teach other lawyers dui defense
They have never done a dui trial
They have never won a dui trial
They have never won a dui Serna Motion
They have never won a dui Motion to Strike
They have never won a dui Motion to Suppress
They are not NHTSA trained in FST's
They are not trained on the Datamaster DMT breath machine. 
They do not have over 300 dui scientific articles 

Mr Silva is one of only a few Lawyers who have a perfect five star review on Avvo and Google          4/4/2018

Highly recommend - professional and thorough - Patrick truly cared about helping me.
I carried out an extensive search throughout Southern California for the best attorney to handle my first and only DUI case. After countless attorney consultations and strategy sessions, I can say that Patrick is one of a kind.
Mr. Silva's knowledge, passion, and professionalism are unique. He is a breath of fresh air in a field that is inundated with attorneys who are more interested in landing clients and refining their websites than they are with handling their client's legal issues.
Patrick's knowledge, energy, professionalism, ability, and intelligence separate him from the pack. Good luck with your search and I highly recommend reaching out to Mr. Silva's office to discuss your legal matter.
​Thomas Allsworth - Five Star Review from Google

Why I Do What I Do

Why am I a dui lawyer? I am here to fight for the little guy, to challenge the status quo, to stand up to big brother, to confront the wrongful conduct of the government, to ensure your Miranda right were honored, to question the validity of the arrest, to ensure that your constitutional rights were not violated, to prove that blood is flawed and breath science is quackery, that is why I do what I do. 

Mr. Silva has lectured in front of over 100 Dui Lawyers at the C.D.L.A. Annual Seminar

Were my Miranda Rights violated?

Hello this is Attorney Patrick Silva here, with another answer to one of your frequently asked questions. Many times I'm asked, did the officer violate my Miranda rights. Under Miranda an officer is required to read you your Miranda rights when you are detained and when he asks you questions to which your answers would be incriminating. Let's think about it were you free to leave when he stopped you on the side of thwe road, No. Did he ask you one hundred questions about what you had done that night, Yes. My opinion is that the officer was required to read you your Miranda rights at that point in time. This is Attorney Patrick Silva have a nice day.

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Mellisa Mercer
5.0 stars
Posted by Melissa 
January 14, 2019

Nobody wants an attorney, everyone needs an attorney. As I was laying down to sleep tonight thanking God above for all of my blessings Mr Silva popped into my head once again. This time I thought oh my gosh I still haven't given a review and I have intended to. My case has been over for over four months and yes I am still thankful. I can't say enough about him and his crew. I live in Texas and my offenses happened of course in California not knowing anyone for word-of-mouth by family or friends I was forced to find my attorney via website and alot of prayer. First thoughts were "so all these attorneys with awesome websites must be the ones who can't perform in court and need to boast" or vice versa "they don't necessarily suck but they're not good enough because they can't afford a good website" you get it. Here's your answer badass website badass attorney. Mr Silva review.. simple this guy is smart he knows exactly what he's doing he works very hard for you. Relentless to say the least he follows the law and he holds the law accountable. From the beginning to the end this guy is exceptional he's good at what he does believe it. I hired him for the drivers Court part of it and for the criminal court part. Mr Silva I'm sure would disagree and say that he was only doing his job but I win this one, he went above and beyond. Even though I paid him I feel like I owe this guy, Truly above and beyond. Honest, real, smart, compassionate, relentless, and did I mention smart. Thx Silva you da man!

​​This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

Did I have to take the roadside breath test?

Hello this is Attorney Patrick Silva with another answer to one of your fequently asked questions. Many times I get asked, did I have to blow into the roadside breath test. That's governed by vehicle code 23612A1D. The test is completely voluntary, the officer should have told you it was voluntary and that you had the right to refuse that test. The is only two instances where you are required to take the roadside breath test. 1. If you are under the age of 21 and 2. If you are on probation for a prior DUI.

This is Attorney Patrick Silva, I hope this has helped you. Have a nice day.

Patrick J Silva

Silva & Silva

Attorneys At Law

*   Victorville DUI Lawyer
*   18 Years of Highly Skilled DUI 
*   Well Known and Respected in the Victorville
 Courts! ​​

100% recommended
5.0 stars
Posted by Belen 
May 22, 2019

I have to say an attorney like Mr. silva is hard to find. he definitely knows what he's doing and does not beat around the bush like others. i can't explain how happy With the outcome of my case. He did an exceptional job and got me a better deal than what i expected. i am 100 percent pleased with his work and not to mention Their really nice staff and very helpful. it was an honor to have you as my lawyer and highly recommended! he's is totally worth every dollar! THANK YOU Mr. Silva for everything and to your wonderful team!

This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

Success Story

 Dangers of Breath Testing?  If you blow  into a breath machine during the  absorption phase your breath may be  overestimated by 250 percent.  This  means that a .12 reading on the machine  can actually be a .03 in your blood.

The breath machine is designed to    capture air from the smallest air sacs in  your lungs. One of the problems with  breath testing is that the air that is  actually tested may be from the upper  airway. This can result in a false high  reading.

​​​Imagine this story, I am sitting in my office and Mr. Z comes into my office to discuss his dui case. He tells me that he got this dui on a Saturday night after he was coming back from a Dodger game. Then I tell him the bad news, your a commercial driver and because of this dui you could lose your class A for 1 year. He has no idea that a dui on a Saturday night could end up destroying his truck driving career. Mr. Z tells me his wife does not work and if he loses his job they will be homeless since driving a truck is all he knows how to do. Long story short, I lose the DMV hearing  but I overturn it with a legal maneuver in court which then overturns the 1 year license suspension.  Thus, job saved!  

The Greateat Lawyer Got my Dui Car crash case Dismissed

Posted by another happy client
July 18, 2016

Dr. Patrick Silvais the best in this line of work. He has mastered his craft. I got in a wreck while drinking and driving and I blew 1.5. On the scene cops found beers and they also had an eye witness from the crash scene. I did my research and came acrossDr. Silva.I set up an appointment for free consultation. Dr. Silva gave me hope and helped me calm my anxiety. After talking with Dr. Silva I was confident he can get my case dismissed. He kept me updated on my case all the time. Anytime I had a question, he was always there to provide me with an answer.Dr. Silvawent on all my court hearings for me and got my case dismissed. He really worked hard and put a lot of effort on the case. People around me used to tell me "lawyers just want the money and they don't anything for you". Dr. Silva proved all the people around me wrong. Because of Dr. Silva, I got to keep my job and have a clean record. Dr. Silva actually cares for his clients. I'm glad I made a right choice picking you for my case.Dr. Silvahad that most knowledge out of all the other lawyers I consulted with. I'm very happy Dr. Silva’s hard work got my dui car crash with case 1.5 reading dismissed. Thank You so much Dr. Silva for getting my case dismissed.


Another Great Result:   April 2016:  Johnnywas accused of a 2nd time dui with a BAC of .14.   We filed a Motion to Suppress under Penal Code 1538.5 believing that the officer did not have probable cause to stop Johnny based on an anonymous person calling 911 and alleging Johnny was dui. RESULT:  CASE DISMISSED. 

More Success on a 2nd Time DUI: 

Kevin was charged with a 2nd time dui claiming he was under the influence of marijuana while still  on probation for his first dui. We fought the case all the way to trial and at trial readiness the DA dismissed the charges. Kevin ultimately pled to 2 traffic infractions.   This result was due to our ability to fight for our clients and Kevin's willingness and belief in his innocence.  

This is what Kevin had to say:  "Awesome lawyer, got me off the hook; 

 Mr silva was fighting for my second dui which I was not going to accept eventually got my case dismissed with a infraction. 
He takes the time to explain the situation for you and will answer your calls anytime you have any questions  I used him because of his high reviews and it was worth it  I highly recommend him if you are in the Southern California area."

Another 3rd Time DUI Dismissed: 

Bre was charged with a 3rd time dui involving an accident which totaled the car and charged with a violation of probation from her 2nd dui which was less than a year old. Her BAC was an alleged .18.  Initially, the DA wanted Bre to plead guilty to the dui, plead guilty to driving on a suspended license,  complete 180 days of county jail which 90 of those days were to be done "straight time", pay the standard fines and fees, and do the 18 month dui class. We set the case for trial, filed our motions in limine, filed our trial brief, and filed a Harris Motion. RESULT before trial: All dui charges dismissed,  NO JAIL TIME, no community service, no work release, NO fine. She pled no contest to a vehicle code violation under 23103/23103.5.  She only had to do the 9 month dui class and not the 18 month dui class. And finally, she did not suffer any additional punishment for the potential probation violation on her 2nd dui. 

3rd Dui in less than ten years BY CLIENT DANIEL N.

I was charged with a 3rd DUI in ten years, driving on a suspended license, and violation of my summary probation. With a BAC of .14 and two previous DUI's within ten years, in two different counties, attorney Silva not only won my
DMVhearing, but then proceeded to reduce a 3rd DUI in ten years charge, in Riverside County, down to a misdemeanor drunk in public with no violation of probation, no jail time, and a fine of 500 dollars.Attorney Silva handled my case with the utmost professionalism and proposed an ambitious plan of attack. Attorney Silva advised that we go straight to trial and that he was confident he could beat this. Taking into account his decade plus years of experience in the field, I put my faith in Attorney Silva's judgment and expertise, and I ponied up for trial. A few weeks before the trial, the DA contactedAttorney Silvaand Silva negotiated what we would plead to. If you are willing to step into the arena, Attorney Silva will champion your cause. In summation, Attorney Silva has the gumption and the expertise to secure you the best possible outcome of your case.

Pulled a rabbit out of his hat BY CLIENT JASMINE S.

I was charged with my firstDUI and was not thinking about getting an attorney. I had planned on just handling it myself but then I came across Mr. Silva who seemed very helpful. I was almost certain I would get off with a "wet and reckless", but come to find out Mr. Silva got my DUI COMPLETELY dismissed. I couldn't believe the good news I had gotten. I am so grateful for his services, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have been able to continue my journey to becoming a Registered Nurse.Patrick John Silvapulled a rabbit out of his hat, I don't know how he did it but I am beyond grateful!!

Just very blessed! BY CLIENT MARK M.

I was facing a 3rdDUIcharge, 180 days in jail (at least) and severe fines...after Mr Silva did his due diligence, continuous homework on the entire charges, and realized what was at hand, he made magic happen. Let me back up though, from the beginning he really wanted to know about me, what I did for a living and what the goal was for me. He asked about every aspect of my family and how we could make this better for my entire situation. The desire to truly know what was going on with me and my family made it personal and made me realize he truly wanted the best for me...not because of what I did but because he saw a greater good for what I was doing with my life.
Mr. Silva always showed on my behalf and kept me informed with everything that was going on, and made things clear...he also kept me at ease without every having to worry about a thing! I always felt he was very genuine and did exactly what he said he was...and he had my 3rd
DUIcharge reduced to my 1st, fines reduced and my jail time reduced by over 100 days! Ultimately, I couldn't be more happier with the outcome of my case and the overall experience with Patrick Silva. I would highly recommend Mr. Silva to anyone needing assistance with a DUI case.

ROMERO G:  was charged with an alleged .11 BAC after he was stopped for having no rear license plate. What made the negotiations even tougher was the fact Romero picked up a 14601 (driving on asuspended license) a few months after his dui.  We aggressively fought the charges and on day of trial we got the dui DISMISSED as well as a DISMISSAL on the 14601 and the only thing he pled guilty to was a traffic infraction for not having a license plate on his car, and this was in a Riverside County Courthouse.

CARLOS Z:  was charged with an alleged .21 dui after he was stopped for squealing his tires while doing a U-turn. We lost theDMV hearing which suspended his COMMERCIAL LICENSE for 1 year.  We filed a motion to suppress challenging the cop's reason for the stop. We were able to resolve the case by having Carlos plead to a wet/reckless BUT we had language in the plea bargain which overturned the dui suspension at theDMV.  Instead of not being able to drive his big rig for a year and losing his job, we were able to get Carlos back in his truck in less than 2 months.

CASE DISMISSED- 2nd time offender

I was facing a DUI charge and a driving on a suspended license charge. Five years previous to these charges I had also been arrested for another
DUI. Being a second time offender I had my doubts that I would beat these charges. Mr.Silvawas able to answer any questions I had which really helped me get through this depressive situation and my anxiety. If convicted I would have lost my job, yet the DA still was not willing to negotiate any type of deal that would prevent me from losing my job. Mr. Silva really made me confident that we would win even with my record so I decided to put my faith and trust in Patrick Silva and decided we would take my case to trial.
Silvaput a great amount of time and effort studying my case as well as the evidence they had against me. The man knows what he is doing because a week before my trial began the DA called him with a deal I couldn’t believe! Both my DUI charge and my driving on a suspended license charge were dismissed! Instead I was issued a ticket for no front license plate and all other charges were dropped! I was astonished and could not believe whenSilvatold me the great news! He even reimbursed me the expert fees I had paid in advance in order to retain the forensic toxicologist experts in case we went through trial. Patrick Silva is a very intelligent, honest attorney that you can trust and rely on getting you out of trouble! I highly recommendPatrick Silva!!!!!

We Can Also Help to Clean Up and Expunge Your Record

If you have been arrested for a DUI you have 2 fights on your hands. You will have to fight the DMV to save your license and you will have to fight the court because they are trying to punish you for the alleged DUI. In the event you lose your license I can show you how to get it back in the shortest time possible. Listen now on "How to Set Up Your Own DMV Hearing." We can also explain AUTO INSURANCE QUOTES DUI and help with DMV DRIVERS LICENSE ISSUES.

I teach other DUI Lawyers in San Bernardino County how to defend their cases. Do you want the Master or the student? I need details to be successful, Call 909-888-7992 to schedule an in-office review of your case. See my"Success Stories"atwww.pjsduilaw.comSee what others lawyers and clients say about my skills as aDUI Lawyer at

I am competitive by nature, I love to win, and I strive to do my very best on each case Mr. Silva started representing those accused of DUI for nearly 17 years. We like to say we represent the "falsely" accused. As a DUI lawyer who focuses drunk driving defenses he knows the DUI facts and how to dispel the Drunk Driving Myths. He is a member of theCALIFORNIA DUI LAWYERS ASSOCIATIONwhich is a close knit membership of DUI Attorneys whose main goal is the representation of those accused of DUI. Patrick J. Silva is also a member ofNATIONAL COLLEGE FOR DUI DEFENSEwhich is compromised of the "best" dui attorneys in the nation.

Hire a Victorville DUI Lawyer from the Best Victorville DUI Law Firm and get the DUI facts about the Drunk Driving Myths.Attorney Patrick J. Silva has focused his law practice defending those who have been accused of driving under the influence. We represent good folks both in the criminal court system and in the DMV proceedings. Mr. Silva is certified inStandardize Field Sobriety Tests (SFST).He has completed 24 hours of intense training under the guidelines set forth by theNational Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).It is "only" with this specialized training that allows an attorney to effectively cross examine a police officer on the stand about how he "screwed" up when he was giving you the test.

Hire a Victorville  DUI lawyer from the best DUI law firm and get the dui facts about the drunk driving myths. A quick story, the other day I was in a DMV hearing and I was cross examining the officer. Some of the highlights made me almost laugh outload. The officer could not identify the 3 SFST. As you read this you probably already know that they are theHorizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN),Walk and Turn (WAT), and the One Leg Stand (OLS). As we went through the cross examination the officer could not identify the 3 validating clues in the HGN, he did not know how many clues were needed to believe that my client might have been over a .08. The Officer did not know the 8 clues associated with the WAT, in fact he made up other clues as he went along. I did finally start to smurk as he failed to understand the OLS or the 4 clues associated with that test.

Hire a Victorville DUI lawyer from the best dui law firm and get the dui facts about the drunk driving myths. What was really funny was that 2 weeks after the officer arrested my client he went to a SFST class. This was when my cross really got interesting. As we went through his failures in giving the SFST he had to agree that he gave the SFST wrong on several, several occasions. I also have over 15 hours of training on the Datamaster DMT breath machine. I am the owner of the Alcosensor IV PAS breath machine which is the most widely used roadside breath tester in So. Cal.

We are anationally-recognized firmlead by a highly experienced DUI lawyer. We are not former prosecutors and am proud to say we never sought to prosecute somebody just to receive a paycheck. The Law Offices of Patrick J. Silva serves clients from offices in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino and Victorville, California. We are supported by a former law enforcement officer who conducts our in-field interviews, and a former California DMV license suspension hearing officer. We specialize in representing those clients charged with misdemeanor or felony drunk driving (driving under the influence of alcohol or driving under the influence of marijuana or drugs) and the associated DMV license suspension.

Nationally-known and recognized by other dui attorneys across the United States, Mr. Silva is aWestern State University College of Law Schoolgraduate and is on the Board of Directors of a multi-million dollar corporation. Mr. Silva is active in teaching other lawyers this highly specialized field of DUI defense.  Mr. Silva teaches other lawyers blood alcohol science, breath science, field sobriety test, legal motion writing, and trial defense. . His is a member of the California DUI Lawyers Association and theNational College for DUI Defense.If you have been arrested for a Dui in the Victorville Area, Call Us ASAP. We have won mant cases against the Victorville Police Dept.

We Can Also Help to Clean Up and Expunge Your Record


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*  DUI 4th time
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The Defense is in the Details! Ask me how I got a .29 BAC DISMISSED.