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How to open a Marijuana Dispensary?

Under New Regulations, enacted November 8, 2016. California will be open for business for recreational marijuana.

The regulations from the measure has provisions for the following:

Retail Marijuana stores
Marijuana product manufacturers 
Marijuana Cultivators
Marijuana testing facilities
Marijuana Distributors

Anticipating Marijuana Dispensary Start up cost.

Opening a marijuana dispensary in California wont be cheap. Industry analysts say opening a legal dispensary could cost anywhere from $30,000.00 to 500,000.00 depending on:

Where you open the facility.
And how large in scale it is.

Other cost will include and are not limited to:

your application fee to the state, local city, and county,
building the store, plus purchasing the proper and appropriate  equipment.
the marijuana cultivation
along with legal and financial consultation.

How to Open a Retail Marijuana Store in California?

The state will allow potential business owners to open retail marijuana stores in California.
Whether this will happen or not will depend entirely on the city and/or county you choose, as the state allows local city, towns, and counties to ban or place moratoriums on whether to license marijuana retailers to operate or not.

1. Set a Corporate Structure for your Marijuana Business.
2. Create an Retail Marijuana Business Plan.
3. Look for your potential location and make sure that licensing is possible in the cities or counties you are looking in.
4. Obtain the necessary licenses to be sure you are completely legal and compliant to operate your retail store.
5.Then install the infrastructure to operate in accordance with all rules and regulations.
6. Then you will need to contact and get contracts with Cultivators and extraction, infused and edible manufactures to grow and produce products for you. Unless you want to do it all yourself. Then you are ready for business and to open your doors.  

There are also a variety of companies out there that offer to build you a turn key dispensary, which actually mean what it says, all you have to do turn the key to open the door and the place is set up and ready for you to run.
You can find these companies online and they promise to take care all the necessary paperwork and make sure you comply with all laws.