Can I get a DUI for taking Anti-depressants?

Will blowing harder because the cop told me to affect the reading on my breath test?

Can I terminate my probation early and get an expungement?

Was it right for the officer to make me do the Field Sobriety Test in heels?

How do I get my license back?

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Can the judge deny my request to expunge my record?

What do I do if I missed my 10 days to request a DMV hearing?

Will an out of state prior affect me in California?

Can I still get a license in California if I have gotten a DUI in another state?

How the dash camera can help you case study

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Can I lose my truck driving license?

Why won't my home state let me get my license back?

Did I have to take the road side breath test?

What is NHTSA?

What does a letter from the DMV saying they will no longer be continuing with my hearing?

What are the margins of error for the breathalyzer?

How do I beat my first DUI if my blood came back at a .13?

What does the cop look for in the one legged stand test?

Blowing into a breath machine

I did not get an option for a blood or breath test,was that wrong?

Can the cops tie me down and take my blood?

Were my Miranda rights violated?

What is a DRE?

If I got a Dui with a Class C license, am I able to obtain a Class B license?

History on the field sobriety test?

Did I have to blow into the roadside breath test?

Can someone get a DUI with no chemical test?

Can I lose my RN license because of a DUI?

How long do I have to wait to apply for naturalization if I have been convicted for a DUI?

What is Optokinetics?

What is a Motion Limine?

Can I transfer my DUI to my home state?

What will happen if I was late installing my ignition interlock?

Will my driver's license be suspended if I blew a .06?

Do I have to put a breathalyzer on my car for first time DUI?

Does the officer have to read me my Miranda rights?

Can I be arrested for a DUI but the CHP officer left before the results were in?

What a micro-burp can do to your breath test?

Does being female affect the accuracy of the breath machine?

Will I lose my RN license because of a DUI?

I have my third violation on probation, what is going to happen?

Can I be charged with a DUI felony if I blew only a .07?

Should I go or should I not go to trial?

Are the allowed to add on a Hit and Run charge to my DUI?

Why did I get a bill from the CHP?

I was wondering if there is a way to stay out of jail?

How do I know if I passed the one legged stand test?

I got a fourth DUI, what are the penalties?

How can the DMV take away my license if I was never prosecuted?

Ignition interlock on a vehicle

Will I have to put a breathalyzer on my car?

What do I do if I didn't complete my class in the allotted time the judge gave me?

Do I have to retake an alcohol program if I have already completed one for the same offense in another state?

Can I get a DUI after an accident even if I wasn't the driver?

Can I lose my license for a felony hit and run?

If my court date has been rescheduled for a later date. What can I infer from that?

When I am off my probation am I still subjected to the zero tolerance laws?

How does a breathalyzer on a car work?

Can a past dry reckless cause my DUI to be charged as a second?

What happens when my officer does not show up for my DMV hearing three times?

Did I do the finger test correctly?

Will the DMV reinstate my driver's license as soon as I enroll in a SB38 Program?

Am I required to do the field sobriety test?

What is the difference between probable cause and reasonable suspicion?

What will happen to my DMV case?

Will I face jail time for a DUI in California?

How do the breath machines on the side of the road work?

Is there a statue of limitations for not completing a DUI program?

Explanation of the blood vial and what could go wrong with it

Will my DUI be treated as a first or second if I have already gotten a DUI as a minor?

How do I beat a DMV APS hearing?

Can I get my license back after being terminated from a SB-38 class?

How long does beer last in your system?

Where can I find my DMV school records of completion?

Can I suspend my jail sentence?

If I have a prior wet and reckless and I recently just got arrested for a DUI, will this be counted as a first or second?

Additional information on how to beat the DMV

Can I reduce a felony DUI to a misdemeanor?

Why are there two charges on my DUI ticket?

Can I be arrested for a DUI if I was a passenger?

How is a DUI a felony in California?

Can someone call 911 and say I was driving bad off roading.

What can a officer testify in court for DUI drug?

Does the officer have to read me my Miranda rights?

How do I set up my DUI hearing?

Why am I charged with two things on my ticket?

How long does an ignition interlock from a second DUI stay on your car?

What are my first steps after being released from being arrested for a DUI?

What is the First Thing I Need to do After I Have Been Arrested for a DUI?

What do I do if I missed my date to surrender?

How exactly do they test my blood?

Can I withdraw my guilty plea after I have already plead guilty?

What is a refusal and can the DMV take away my license?

How can I beat my out of state prior for the DUI case I just received?

How do I find out my actual blood alcohol level?

I have a DMV hearing to contest a DUI with the DMV Hearing Officer. Why is this legal?

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How do I get my license back if I have won my DMV hearing through a set aside?

How can I get a police report for my DUI accident?

Can I get deported for a DUI?

What is the partition ratio?

What are your thoughts if my blood test results came back high?

Demonstration of eye test and what can go wrong

Did the officer give me the eye test correctly?

What happens to someone underage that gets a DUI?

Is there anything the officer can do that will make my breath test read higher?

When does a DUI come off my DMV record?

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